Directorate of Primary Education of Trikala

The Directorate of Primary Education of Trikala is a body of the Ministry of Education, which is based in the regional unit of Trikala in Thessaly and has the overall responsibility for the administration and control of 196 school units in the region - public and private and more specifically for 133 kindergartens and 92 primary schools, which are located in the city, in rural as well as in mountainous areas. These schools employ a teaching staff of 1272 people (1138 permanent and 134 substitute teachers) who teach to 7811 students.

Our service is staffed by permanent administrative and seconded teaching staff of 40 people. Their experience and their general administrative ability guarantee the smooth and uninterrupted treatment of the educational and administrative issues that concern the schools of our competence.

The primary task of the Directorate is to coordinate, supplement, support and ensure the implementation of the educational policy of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece as well as the smooth operation of the educational process. In addition, the Directorate of Primary Education of Trikala undertakes innovative actions and the implementation of various programs on various topics with the aim of utilizing new technologies, exchanging and adopting good practices in education and developing partnerships with Municipalities, Bodies and Organizations creating an open school in society but also in general.

The purpose of all these initiatives is the involvement of the students of our schools with the social development, the strengthening of their cultural consciousness, as well as the educational and social integration of students of vulnerable groups (Roma, immigrants, etc.) in order to achieve their gradual integration in Greek society.
Directorate of Primary Education of Trikala, Mpotsari 2, 42132, Trikala, Greece