Beyond Textbooks: Harnessing Historical Video Games as Innovative Tools for History Education

For the teaching of history, films and fictional stories are preferred resources by history educators arund the world, however, Historical Video Games are also a rapidly growing media to be used in the teachiing of history. History-based video games allow their players to engage with the past in completely new ways. A large number of video games are set at different times and places in history, making them potentially valuable teaching tools. The reflection aspect of the historical games have been gradually recognized by the history teaching providers.
Playind and Learning from the Past Project also aims to provide technological tools containing gaming elements to be used in the teaching of history and traditions. Although not (yet) as common in history classes as other tools, video games are attracting the attention of educators, particularly among the young generations, and academics too. Teachers who have experience using historical video games in class have started recommending them to their colleagues.