High School Innovators Create Informative City App for Primary Outings

Students from the Administrative Economic College from Iasi, Romania have created a tester for an app for their primary school classmates, an orientation video game designed to help children with additional information if they take a walk around Iasi with their class or family. Knowing through a rigorous documentation of the city's history, the high school students focused on two topics of interest to young schoolchildren, such as religious architecture and public buildings, as well as public monuments in Iași. Thus, primary school pupils can use the app when visiting the city and get additional information about the statues that adorn the city.

The information in the app primarily refers to the historical personality that the statue represents. The primary pupils' greatest satisfaction is related to learning how to use the street orientation app, and this gives them autonomy and confidence that they can do it themselves. Learners noted the increased ability of young children to focus on a particular target in the presence of many disturbing factors, as well as distributive attention.